Consider The Play 'n TalkŪ Difference:

Phonics programs are designed to teach reading, which is not that difficult to do…anyone can learn reading with almost any basic phonics program. But they will not master reading and spelling at levels much higher than fourth grade without also learning  the intermediate and advanced phonetic rules plus the exceptions as covered by Play  'n TalkŪ. When these phonetic rules and exceptions are not taught, spelling is seriously eroded.

The phonetic rules are taught as “Rules in Rhyme™” for easy recall and reading (decoding).  These rules easily convert into equally successful results for spelling (encoding). As a “non-consumable,” Play ‘n TalkŪ offers extreme cost-effectiveness.  With the “Spelling Fun” lists in each Play ‘n TalkŪ lesson plus the Skill Builders Games, your students “learning range” consists of over 6,000 words to learn to sound out and then spell correctly.

Play 'n TalkŪ may be used for initial or  remedial training. It can be used in classrooms, or  at home with children, then again  with grandchildren.

We do not recommend “paper and pencil workbook" phonics, which rely on pictures and teach only "flat phonics.”  The retention level is very low, and boredom for reading and writing is incorporated into this “busy work " type of drilling.

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