Speech Problems


Saying My Wabbit Wan Away, For My Rabbit Ran Away

       A child who is a perfectionist will hesitate to speak, rather than make an error. Learning the sounds of the letters with the children on the recordings, gives the child the freedom to make a mistake. Seeing their own progress, the inhibitions vanish, and insecurity and shyness are overcome. Should the child have even a minimal speech problem, his hearing should be checked immediately.

       Our time-tested phonetic or alphabetical method begins by teaching individual letters and their sounds. Through music, flash cards and games. From this foundation your child proceeds logically to the formation of words. We have had children as young as three and a half reading simple books.

       Choral Reading...Built-in children's chorus. Helps the student to become fluent in reading and enhances the blending process. Reading aloud in unison with other children is one of the most effective ways in learning to read.

        Building Block Sequence...Play 'n Talk moves naturally from letters to syllables, to words, phrases and into sentences. Each simple step builds on the previous step until the child is able to read anything up to and including college-level text.

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