The "To Grow By Storybook Readers":

"Little Books with Big Morals to Grow Your Child Strong"
By Janet Friend Author of the To Grow By Storybook Readers

The "To Grow By Readers" offers a unique opportunity for your child to learn to love reading and grow morally. Eighteen easy-to-read books plus two workbooks take your child from beginning through advanced phonics drills with type size changes which harmonize with your child's reading development.

The first nine readers accompany Series 1 and 2, incorporating in all of the short vowel families. The second set of nine readers accompany Series 3 and 4, which review digraphs, long vowels and blends. The readers gives your child the chance to practice words and phonics skills learned in the Play 'n TalkŪ lessons.

Words are presented in groups, to train your child to read in clauses. This takes advantage of the Storybook Readers built-in ability which encourages the student to read sentences fluently, regardless of length.  The teacher's page at the end of every reader provides optional character development teaching.

The Activity books reinforce comprehension.

Classic, ageless illustrations in black and white, avoiding "Picture Clue" guessing and reading. Unobtrusive drawings compliment each story, yet don't lure the students eyes away from what is being read.

. . . "Thank you for the To Grow By Storybook Readers. They are just what we were looking for but unable to find elsewhere.  We have searched for books practicing short vowels that are a real story book.  The only other ones we found were the Bob books, which were nice, but I think my kids read the pictures more than the words!  But not with your readers!  Thanks again for these books, and knowing just how to make the pictures so as not to distract from children trying to read the words.  They are worth every penny of their price, and much more!"          Melinda Tom, Fitzwilliam NH

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