Amplified Instructor's Manual: 
     Your Survival Guide To Play 'n TalkŪ

·   This Manual resulted from educators and parents through the years who've shared gains, methods and successes.   

·   Daily lesson plans do the work, instead of making extra work for you! Detailed instructions on when to use the different games and manipulatives to reinforce what your child has learned in their daily 10-minute lessons.

  • When followed, it makes Play 'n TalkŪ failure-proof!

  • Supporting materials include numerous reinforcement games & activities.

  • Provides spelling course format and word lists with no further investment of your time or money.

  • Makes it possible for older siblings to teach a younger one.

  • Motivation is 90% of learning!  Learn successful motivational tips!

  • Excellent for handling younger, older, difficult-to-stimulate, learning disabled or bilingual children.

  •  Kinesthetic tactile approach makes it flexible & interactively fun!

  • Weaknesses in Phonics are detected and corrected.


      Giant Phonics Wall Chart:

  • Suitable for mounting on the wall.

  • As each letter and its respective sound is learned, black and white picture can be colored, or painted.


      Manuscript Alphabet Chart:

  • Easy to follow guide for mastering correct printing of the alphabet.

  • Ball and Stick printing, just like the student will read in newspapers, magazines, text books, for a life time.

  • Bright, bold letters with directional arrows intended for use only when the child is developmentally ready to begin writing.


      Light Up" Silent "E" Wand:

  • Lights up as student points to the silent "E" at the ending of words.

  • Adds light-hearted fun and anticipation to an otherwise difficult but important concept that must be memorized and understood.

  • Batteries included!


     Felt Alphabet Manipulatives with Game Box:

  • The complete alphabet in felt.

  • This is for one of the kinesthetic activities/games your child will be using; a full description of this activity is located in the Amplified Instructor's Manual

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