Play 'n Talk®:  Over 210 Lessons on 11 CD's
             SERIES I:  Consonants and Short Vowels

       Beginning with Sing 'n Sound, after singing the Alphabet Song, your child joins with the children on the CD to name the letter and sing the sounds of each letter of the Phonetic Alphabet Song. Once your Child has mastered Sing 'n Sound and its accompanying activities it is time to move on to the next level.

       In storybook form, Series 1 explains the idea of how reading will open the wonderful world of reading. Then in an easy to remember structure, the teacher on the CD introduces Mr. and Mrs. Alphabet and their 26 children--consonants and vowels each with their own name and also able to make sounds.

       During Series 1 all consonants, except for soft "c" and "g", and short vowels are learned. They are structured into syllables or short vowel families, then into to words, and finally into sentences. Your child is quickly equipped to read simple, one-syllable words. They may even sound out words by the 12 day of using play 'n Talk®.

       Your child's 92 page text book, contains over 300 words. Cartoon-type black and white drawings by Walt Disney illustrator. Drawings are in black and white so as not to draw the child's eye away from the words being learned.  In this way, the pictures assume no importance in the eye of the student, thus "Picture clue" reading or guessing of the word is naturally discouraged.  

        The CD's are narrated by Margaret Redding, Phonics Teacher, Isabelle Buckley School for the gifted.

             SERIES II:  Digraphs, Long Vowels, and Blends

       The pace for Series 2 is changed appreciably. After a quick review of Series 1, skills are immediately advanced by learning the digraphs, again in a "family" setting. Long vowels are grouped first by "Silent E" words and then by "Two Vowels" together. Rules are presented in rhyme, with your child easily memorizing and retaining the tools upon which they will rely for both reading and spelling.

       If your child was previously taught with either the "look say" or paper and pencil phonics Series 2 is essential. Series 2 keeps your child from developing sloppy habits based on taking a quick guess at the letters of the word, such as reading "pan" for "pen" or "pin".

       The blends re-employ both short and long vowel families which become their own functional review with plenty of practice material. Sentences using these blends are used to perfect skills in diction. It also helps to train children to listen for specific sounds. (Excellent to correct certain speech problems)

       72 page text book, over 500 words.


             SERIES III: Phonograms, Diphthongs and Digraphs with emphasis on Homonyms

       Emphasis on Homonyms encourages word analysis on behalf of students.  Subject sounds isolated initially, but immediately blended to form words, resulting in fluent readers.

       Supplementary material for minimal speech correction therapy.

       Series 3 departmentalizes the seven sounds of "err" along with varying combinations of letters making identical sounds.

       Series 3 concentrates on advanced "exceptions to the rules"  of phonics. This is a valuable aid for spelling.

       56 page text book, with over 700 words.


             SERIES IV:  Consonant C and G soft sounds, Rules in RhymeT, Phonograms, Silent Letters, Suffixes and Prefixes.

       Becoming proficient in syllabication may have far reaching benefits for correctly decoding multi-syllable words in Scholastic Aptitude Testing. Silent letters , more phonograms, suffixes, prefixes and endings avoid guessing at exceptions.

        Series 4 contains logically-sequenced skill building. Isolation of subject sounds initially, with immediate blending to form words.  Additional Rules in RhymeT setting forth exceptions such as soft "g" at the beginning of words with "e", "i", or "y", are given to equip your child for diversities within the English language. 

        80 page text book, over 900 words. 


       Series 3 and 4 comprise 60% of Play 'n Talk®. This alone sets Play 'n Talk® apart from all other programs, since it addresses the areas by-passed. It is unique in presenting singular to plural and further reinforcing the skills with motivational games and exercises. Upon completions of Series 4, your child is capable of sounding out college level text!

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