Speech Problems

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        A foreign-speaking student who is a perfectionist will hesitate to speak, rather than make an error.  Learning the sounds of the English letters while talking along with the carefree children on the CDs, the student has no fear of making a speech error.  Seeing his own progress, his inhibitions gradually vanish, and his insecurity and shyness are overcome.  In addition to becoming sound conscious through phonics, the student develops an auditory sense of words and syllables.  By ‘mimicking’ the teacher on the CDs, he is quick to perfect his own diction. Regional inflections as well as speaking in a slovenly manner, or with an accent, frequently disappear!  

        Since a child mimics the sounds he hears, parents should not indulge in baby talk but should guide their child into good speech patterns by providing correct examples, if they are able.  If English is not their first language, then this might not be possible.  In this case, both the parents and the students would greatly benefit from Play ‘n TalkŪ

        “Isolation of sounds with momentary vowelization, followed by the full word, is vital to mastery of phonics for children as well as adults with reading problems since they must be able to hear the sound individually, BEFORE combination thereof.  With students, whose language is other than English, especially those who need to hear the sounds before they move into the reading program, we must teach the sounds in isolation.”     

*By Dr. Carlos Rivera, Consultant for States of Texas and California, and Director of Bilingual Education, El Paso Public Schools.

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